The Package

Based on a modern unfurnished property with one bedroom, reception/dining area, bathroom, kitchen and hallway

Price: £100 + VAT 

If you have a larger detached, or period property then please speak to us in person and we will give you a customised quote once we have viewed the property.

If you are a letting agent we are also able to offer hourly rates of £20 for specified cleaning work if a whole clean is not required, however a minimum of three hours work would be nececssary.

Additional Reception/Bedroom  £10

Additional Bathroom £15

Basic Oven Clean (Glass/Racks/Door) £15

Cooker Hood Deep Clean £15

Victorian/Edwardian Properties £30

Flight of Stairs £5

Upright Freezer Defrost £10

Extra Sanitation Charge: In the event of a property

being left in a very unsanitary condition we will

add on a charge agreed with the client ahead of work

being started.

The Work

This is top-to-toe cleaning.  Basically, everything gets thoroughly steam-cleaned, sanitised and disinfected.  So that's the floors, skirtings, cupboards, door frames, doors, light switches, fireplaces, walls, tiled areas, shower screens, shower heads, all bathroom fixtures & fittings, kitchen cupboards, sinks, microwaves, fridges, glass doors, light fittings, door handles, inside & outside of front door and surround, stair treads, bannisters, dado rails, window sills etc.

Refuse Collection

We will bag and remove up to three bags of rubbish.

Any further bags will be charged at £5 per bag.


A word about ovens ...


Not all ovens clean up quite as well as this - but most do.  Due to time constraints we cannot remove every tiny bit of debris from an oven as this requires a specialist  dip-tank cleaning service , but usually our customers are thrilled at the transformation we can achieve!

....and cooker hoods ...

We can deep clean a cooker hood but if it contains a disposable filter this often has

to be discarded.  Replacements can be bought online at .  If we have to dispose of this we will notify you or your letting agent, giving them a note of the make and model of your cooker hood.

e:  t: 0141 638 4194 / 07811 191767